Recent Before & After Photos

Carpet Cleaning Done Right

We use a truck mount system which cleans better than your other methods. Here is why:1. Higher Temperature Truck mounted carpet cleaners are capable of a lot hi... READ MORE

We'll clean it right

Here are some good reasons to have your furniture cleaned:It Can Give You A Healthy Home If your home has hardwood floors, it is likely that most of the germs i... READ MORE

storm troubles in kitchen

This kitchen called because of a storm causing mold. SERVPRO showed up and began demolition, upon a better inspection two areas were discovered to have mold gro... READ MORE

Storm Damage in the basement

During the winter storm, the basement of this home flooded. SERVPRO was called on site when the homeowners came back to a flooded basement. As soon as SERVPRO p... READ MORE

storm damage

After a winter storm hit, water started leaking in through the ground causing flooding in the office. Once SERVPRO of Gillette, Sheridan arrived they were able ... READ MORE

Water Damage In A Steak House

This customer had called in not able to find where the source of water was from, seven rooms had already been affected. When SERVPRO of Gillette, Sheridan arriv... READ MORE

Water damage in home

Customer had told us she had flooding in her home and that mold had begun to grow. SERVPRO of Gillette, Sheridan showed up immediately and got rid of the water.... READ MORE

Water Damage In Bathroom

The water damage caused SERVPRO to need to redo the bathroom. once they pulled drywall off and removed the flooring, they the began replacing the plumbing and t... READ MORE

Duct cleaning in Hill City gym

This duct cleaning was done in a Hill City school. After the years of build up of dust SERVPRO was able to clean the whole thing. Its important to check your ai... READ MORE

Sewage backup in a residential home.

Sewage backup in a residential home. when this home was filled with sewage backup we were able to do Before and after photos of what SERVPRO can do during a s... READ MORE