Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Ice dam causes water damage in the walls

Ice dams block the flow of this water, causing the water to backup underneath the roof shingles. When the water backs up above the waterproof protective barrier... READ MORE

Lighting Can Strike Anywhere

This home was not properly grounded. During a lightning storm this last spring the house was struck on the gas line which an caught on fire. The fire than went ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Is No Issue

1. Safety tips for indirect fired heaters Diesel, propane, and natural gas are the fuels commonly used for indirect fired heaters. A burn chamber contains the f... READ MORE

storm troubles in kitchen

This kitchen called because of a storm causing mold. SERVPRO showed up and began demolition, upon a better inspection two areas were discovered to have mold gro... READ MORE

Storm Damage in the basement

During the winter storm, the basement of this home flooded. SERVPRO was called on site when the homeowners came back to a flooded basement. As soon as SERVPRO p... READ MORE

storm damage

After a winter storm hit, water started leaking in through the ground causing flooding in the office. Once SERVPRO of Gillette, Sheridan arrived they were able ... READ MORE