Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Showing how much of the wall needed to be removed because of ice dams

Ice Storms Are Not so Small

Ice dams block the flow of this water, causing the water to backup underneath the roof shingles. When the water backs up above the waterproof protective barrier, it begins leaking into your house. That's when sheetrock on the roof gets soft and caves in with attic insulation coming with it

A dirty floor from snow and mud

Snow Storms Make a Mess

The SERVPRO carpet and upholstery cleaning service will not only get out the dirt you see, but will also remove the unwanted dust you don’t. A professionally cleaned carpet and furniture may make all the difference in brightening up a room and freshening up your home or business.

Showing the sump Pump with water filling the area

Storms can cause Flooding

This customer had a floor drain back up into there basement. It is important that you clean every 6 months or even sooner. Here is a very simple way to clean your drains. If this is not regularly taken car of it can cause major problems. Pour 1 cup of each down your drain. Follow that with 3 cups of boiling water. Wait until the bubbling has stopped, then pour more water down the drain to make sure there are no remaining clogs. If the water is draining slowly, repeat the baking soda and vinegar process

a picture of a SERVPRO green dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers draw excess moisture from the air, helping to combat condensation, prevent mold growth and reduce damp on walls. SERVPRO of Gillette, Sheridan uses this machine to help prevent mold growth and dry out a space after a water loss from a storm.

A window sil that has Mold And moisture from a storm


This customer had a leak coming through their window. Over time the moisture seeped into the walls and caused mold. The reason is that a leaky window will ultimately cause mold. Moisture or dampness is the perfect condition for mold to grow. When you look at leaky windows and frames, you are most likely to see black spots, discoloration, and fuzzy growths, being wet or moist. SERVPRO of Gillette does not do window work but they were able to mitigate the mold beneath the window. This consisted of removing the damaged dray wall, then drying out the framing and applying an antimicrobial to the surrounding surfaces.

A home struck by lighting on the very tip of the home


This customer’s home caught on fire by a strike of lightning. The home was improperly grounded and was susceptible to this. Lightning has the ability to strike a house or near a house and impart an electrical charge to the metal pipes used for plumbing. Lightning is a very dangerous force that, yes, can even reach you indoors if you're in contact with the telephone or plumbing. Here are a few ways that can prevent this from happening:

  1. Use a home lightning protection system.
  2. Unplug electronics and appliances.
  3. Install transient voltage surge suppressions.
  4. Check your homeowners and renter’s insurance coverage.